(Affiliated to CBSE, 10+2) (Sc. & Comm.) No. 2131496
Brahm Nagar, Robertsganj, Sonebhadra
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About Us

M.V.M Public School, Robertsganj (Sonebhadra) came into existence with a glorious and inexhaustible journey in the field of education in April 2005. Since then it has been fulfilling the need of getting education of the middle-class children and particularly aims at the cheapest and the best education and learning. Here the future citizens are provided with ample opportunities to ripen their social, cultural, physics and mental skills. The school manages study-facilities from Std. 1 . to 12th. Affiliated to C.B.S.E.(10+2).


Our Aim and belief is to impart such an education to children as to make them enlightened citizens of the country and to prepare them to face compete different type of Problems and competitions.


We believe that the future is in the hands of our children. So they have to prepare themselves for an active participation to become an honest, sincere and industrious citizens of country, having a strong feeling of devotion and patriotism. They have to learn making the best use of their valuable time as well as facilities provided by their school, parents and the country.


We always make efforts to create in our students good habits and to make them punctual, active, devoted to their duties, noble and obedient. We want that they shouldn’t leave anything incomplete for tomorrow and do all the work regularly in time.


We organize extra-curricular Activities, National and annual function and different type of Competitions for the all round development of the children such as game and sports competition. Quiz Compton, art completion, Math Competition etc. All the student are given opportunity to take active Part in these Activities. Such Type of training and participation will surely pay to our students in the long run and it is always to be kept in mind by them that work is the key to success.

Merit Holders
  • Topper 2024-25
  • ADMISSION 2022-23
  • TOPPERS 2022-23
  • TOPPERS 2018-19
    X & XII
  • TOPPER SESSION - 2017-18
  • TOPPER SESSION 2014-15
  • TOPPER SESSION 2015-16
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